Empowering tarot readings for your well-being, relationships, personal growth and business.

I am a professional tarot card reader with over thirty years experience. Tarot has helped me throughout my life, through tough times and happy ones. I have been told by many people that I have a gift and it is a gift I have always shared with others, my life purpose. 

Now I share that gift with you…

I offer a number or delivery methods for readings.

  1. Live online (using Zoom)
  2. Recorded and uploaded
  3. Live telephone (coming soon)

In each case, I talk through the cards and what they could mean for you personally.

I offer you ideas on what the various card combinations and layouts could mean. I will explore ‘in depth’ any subject or topic that you wish to uncover or discover an answer for. Allowing you to open up your own intuition and offer you control over your destiny.

My readings are a fraction of the cost of what life coaches, psychotherapists, spiritual gurus and relationship counsellors charge!


  • Think of a question you would like the answer to.
  • Choose the type of reading you would like.
  • Purchase it using PayPal.
  • Colin will then conduct an amazing reading for you (either live or recorded)
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Strictly Confidential
Readings are strictly confidential and are between yourself and Colin Anthony. Absolutely no information will be shared with third parties, your privacy is sacred to us, it’s important!
Readings worldwide
This is an internet based service, which means that I can do readings for anyone in the world! However, you must be able to read/understand English as I do not offer translation services.
The Readings
My readings are filmed for you personally, either live (on Zoom) or recorded and uploaded for you. The reading will contain complete explanations of the meanings and how they relate to your question.

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