I am a professional tarot card reader with over thirty years experience. Tarot has helped me throughout my life, through tough times and happy ones. I have been told by many people that I have a gift and it is a gift I have always shared with others, my life purpose. 

My readings are rooted in intuition. Through my interpretations of the cards, I aim to help my clients figure things out and help them better understand themselves. I can see someone’s whole story in the cards. It’s a gut feeling.

My clients include celebrities, business gurus and influential people, they keep coming back… So I must be doing something right!

I would love to read for you, empower you in some way, make a difference in your life! 


I was born in East London, England and raised by my grandmother from age three after being abandoned by my parents. It was a very poor and uncompromising area to grow up in, a place where I had to be aware of everything around me. Intuition was something I had to rely on daily, it became second nature.

I struggled through school, but found I had natural talents in art and poetry. I went on to become a very successful graphic/web designer.

I have good business skills and have started my own companies over the years. I have helped and guided other business people in the areas of creativity, problem solving and nurturing a positive mindset, using a combination of Tarot and Laws of Attraction.

I started studying Tarot in the early 1980’s using a deck that I found in an old shop in London. My grandmother always encouraged me to trust my intuition, I have never seen tarot as being weird or superstitious, in fact I see it as being a way to open up pathways of thinking, that simply can’t be achieved without tarot! It is amazing!

In fact a tarot reading will help you to make the right decisions in your life. Give you uplifting, positive direction, spiritual counselling, business and relationship guidance whenever it is needed.

Unlock the secrets of your destiny with a confidential Tarot reading by Colin Anthony, The Tarot Guy!