Tarot is a pack of very mystical cards. There are 78 cards in total, each containing many secret messages, some are about situations we might find ourselves facing, some are indications of attitudes we may be harbouring, people around us and of course, spiritual guidance from the Universe. Tarot cards have been used for hundreds of years for divination, self discovery and spiritual awakening. However, Tarot doesn't predict the future, instead it gives you guidance to create the future you actually want!

Let me explain...

No Tarot reading is ever the same, due to the trillions of card combinations that happen when the cards are shuffled. Only chance and synchronicity with the Universe can influence which cards are drawn. Colin uses various card spreads which are usually chosen to suit your question. Once the cards are laid out, Colin will focus on the entire spread and begin the reading. Using his very strong intuition and knowledge of the Tarot, Colin will interpret each card, in correlation to its position in the spread and your question. The results are truly amazing as you will find answers, within your own mind that you simply wouldn't find without a Tarot reading.

Once you have made your purchase, you should receive a confirmation email, please check your junk mail box if you can't find it.

Turnaround times for recorded readings will vary depending on my schedule, the type of reading required and the level of demand at that point in time. Typically, you can expect your reading within 7 days, unless stated otherwise. If for any reason I feel that a delay is expected, I will email you and keep you up to date. Your reading will be uploaded to my private Dropbox and you will receive a download link by email.

Live online readings will be conducted on the day and time of your choosing and we will both be present using the streaming service Zoom!

Tarot is not a party trick or a magic effect, where you cross palms with silver and then a little old man or woman, sits there and reveals things about you and tells you about a tall dark stranger coming into your life. If you want that, please visit your local fair ground and visit a fortune teller.

Instead, the Tarot helps you to connect to a deeper you, makes your inner thoughts resonate clearly and awakens your inner guide... This is truly magical when it happens.

Colin often receives intuitive/psychic information while reading and he will tell you when he does and it is kept separate from the actual card reading, then it is down to you to make use of this information if and when it occurs.

Colin Anthony has a very strong Ethical Policy, therefore, he will always review your question. Colin retains the right to refuse to read on a particular topic (e.g. health, legal matters, third party readings, etc.). If an alternate question cannot be agreed, your payment will be refunded via PayPal.

The Tarot is simply not the tool for questions such as:

  • When something will happen
  • Will something happen
  • Names or initials of people
  • Yes or no (it's a 50/50 chance right?)

If someone tells you otherwise, they are highly likely faking it, be careful!

Colin is a very open and honest, sometimes psychic. You should be warned that Colin will always deliver a reading, the way it is intended. This sometimes means he may reveal things in that cards that you may find very useful and enlightening. Other times you may find that what the cards are revealing may be difficult for you and could get you emotional. If you are not ready to hear the honesty which the Tarot brings, you should avoid getting a reading. Also, strangely, due to the level at which the British government regards psychics, we are obligated under UK law to inform you that these services are for entertainment only, and they do not constitute advice. A bit of a paradox I know! But it is what it is.

If you can’t find the answer to a question, please fill out the form below and I will be happy to help!

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