Colin Anthony abides by the following Code of Ethics

  • All of my readings are confidential and will not be shared. On occasion I may ask clients if I can use their reading as a sample; this will only be after agreement with the client and after all identifying information is removed.
  • The emotional well-being of my clients is of paramount importance. If I feel you would be better served by professional advice I reserve the right to decline a reading. In this instance all payments made will be refunded.
  • I reserve the right refuse to undertake a reading if I feel uncomfortable with a client’s question.
  • I will not read for ‘third parties’. For example “does my boyfriend love me?” I can, however, look at re-phrasing questions.
  • I will treat clients with respect and will reserve all judgement.
  • I will not undertake readings relating to health or medical conditions.
  • My readings are not purely for fortune telling purposes or for predicting the future. The focus will be on empowering the client.
  • There must be a 30 day period between readings if a client is asking about the same subject matter.
  • I reserve the right to refuse to undertake a reading if I feel a client is becoming dependent upon tarot readings.
  • All clients must be over the age of 18