Empowering Tarot readings, by Colin Anthony for your personal well-being, relationships, spiritual growth and business.

Entrepreneurs reading

Tarot isn’t an obvious choice as a way of building better business strategies, however, just like tarot works in all other aspects of life, the cards can help bring creative solutions to the surface. Whether you have an established business or are budding entrepreneur just starting out, this reading can offer clear guidance through many of the problems that businesses face. It can unravel the confusion and complexities that often get overlooked when our work life takes over, doing all the tasks, from answering the phone, scheduling, finances, billing… It can sometimes be hard to see the bigger picture!

This reading can help with the following, and much more:

  • Help you decide on business goals and what your next move will be.
  • Obtain some clarification on key players, investors, a potential employee or even your competition.
  • Uncover your business strengths and weaknesses and act on them.
  • Identify any problems or opportunities coming your way.
  • Unlock a creative mindset to generate new ideas, invite genius to pay a visit.
  • Utilise the ‘Law of Attraction’ to attract new business leads and income.

The list is endless! Many successful business people have come to me for advice and the results have been amazing, just see my reviews!


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